This pair of luxury sneakers is the most coveted on Vinted

What is the most searched pair of sneakers on Vinted? The Lithuanian platform has published a first report on the search trends of luxury brands, listing the most coveted items.

ON Vinifiedtrends come and go, but the articles are particularly sought after : luxury pieces. If buying them has been scary for some time, for fear of coming across counterfeit products, the most popular second-hand platform in Europe has been offering an authentication service since October 2023, which allows users to make purchases with complete peace of mind.

A pair of Dior sneakers is on the rise

On Wednesday, May 29, the Lithuanian platform published its first report on trends in the luxury sector. If we now know the three most sought after luxury brands there, we also know more about the most sought after luxury items.

In France, the couple of the Dior B22 sneakers it is therefore the most coveted on the platform. These are no longer available for sale on the Dior site, but are featured on Vinted.

As we write these lines, more than 370 ads corresponding to this pair of sneakers are present on the platform and are sold between 200 and 500 euros. To your wallets!

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