Minus 22 kg: Sergei Goroshko talked about the negative consequences of losing weight for his role in the movie “Major Thunder: The Game”

Sergei Goroshko became famous for his role in the movie “Major Thunder”, billionaire and founder of the social network Sergei Razumovsky. The charismatic antagonist won the hearts of the audience and gained a strong fan base. Meanwhile, the actor said he had to hide from persistent fans and leave things through the back door.

Sergei Goroshko in the movie “Major Thunder”

On May 23, the continuation of the story “Major Thunder: The Game” was released on wide screens. Goroshko admitted that he had to lose 22 kilos to participate in the film. It turned out that his changed appearance did not match the character’s type. At the time of filming, Sergei weighed 85 kg.

Dmitry Chebotarev, Sergei Goroshko and Konstantin Khabensky in the movie “Major Grom: The Game”

The actor was given a diet and training plan. Sergei consumed 500-600 calories all day. “During this training, my psoriasis was revealed. The body initially becomes much weaker. From the producers’ and coaches’ point of view, everything was calculated correctly. But in the initial stage, sometimes I forgot about my diet or did not take some vitamins,” the artist shared in an interview with The Flow.

Sergei Goroshko before losing weight in the TV series “Kept Women”. Photo: “Kinopoisk”

Goroshko added that the most difficult thing was not drinking water for a day and extracting liquid from green apple pieces. According to Sergei, he is not ready to return to such a harsh regime in the near future.

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