Adam Sandler has once again become a style icon among zoom enthusiasts. That’s why we love it

Three years ago, Adam Sandler was “officially” declared a style icon: it was his images that were most searched on Google and became the inspiration for many it-girls and it-boys. Netizens then explained why they admire Sandler’s style and showed how they borrowed his fashion techniques. This trend died down for a while, but it seems ready to return to our lives again. Today, across the expanses of TikTok, Instagram*, X and even Russian Telegram, images of Adam Sandler are once again going viral.

Netizens love Adam Sandler’s style because of its absence, so to speak. The actress does not think so much about what to wear that this has become her main feature. He wears “home” shorts at social events, jeans on the red carpet, combines a formal jacket with a gym bag, and loves bulky t-shirts and shirts. His main rule is not to follow any rules and to do what he feels like. This is exactly why the internet loves Adam Sandler: He supposedly allowed us all to be free in our clothing choices and think less about how we look and what others think of us. Following the new popularity of the actor’s style, we look at his images and notice interesting stylistic tricks. Maybe you want to create an Adam Sandler look today?

*Social networks Instagram and Facebook are prohibited in the Russian Federation. By court decision dated March 21, 2022, Meta was recognized as an extremist organization on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Source: People Talk

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