5 Light Novels You Should Take to the Beach

Summer is just around the corner. We’re sure you won’t have any problems choosing a swimsuit, but what about books? We have made a selection for you with the books you should take with you when going to the beach.

1. “This Could Be Us” by Kennedy Ryan

Photo: Cover of the book “This Could Be Us”

The book tells the story of a woman named Soledad, whose life turned into real chaos after their separation. She meets a man who seems like a mistake to her at first, but maybe he’ll be the one she needs.

2. Love with the Maid by Tessa Bailey

Photo: Cover of the book “Love with the Maid”

A single father and former hockey player hires a girl named Tallulah as a nanny. At first, the woman tries to help him meet someone, but her plans are thwarted when she realizes that feelings are developing between them.

3. “Vacation for Two,” Emily Henry

Photo: Cover of the book “Vacation for Two”

“Vacation for Two” is a light love story about two opposites: she is emotional and unpredictable, while he is reserved and likes to control everything. Poppy and Alex have only one week to fall in love.

4. Summer of Dreams by Holly Martin

Photo: Cover of the book “Summer Dreams”

Eva enjoys her quiet and measured life, but everything changes when she finds her deceased mother’s diary and the places she dreams of going one day. And ironically, during the journey, she meets a fascinating guide named Thor.

5. Let’s Love Each Other by Morgan Moncomble

Photo: Cover of the book “Let’s love each other”

Violetta and Loan met in a stuck elevator and cannot be separated for even a minute. After the man and his girlfriend break up, they start living together. But they can’t love each other…

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