Mother’s Day: Deliveroo’s clumsy notification fails, the company apologises

Delivery company Deliveroo has sent a notification to its customers to remind them to wish their mum a happy birthday. A missed message for Internet users who have lost their mothers.

A message that many could have done without. On the occasion of Mother’s Day this Sunday, May 26, the company delivers food to your home Deliveroosent a tasteless SMS to his customers.

“Disappointing and horrible”

To remind them to wish their mom a happy birthday. Laudable intention on paper, but very clumsy. Many customers have received the notification “missed call from mom”. Which might be commendable or funny to some, but may be inappropriate for people who have lost their mothers.

Thus, on X, many internet users have denounced this notification. One writes: “ A big thought to all those who, like me, had a sinking heart seeing this notification because they no longer have the possibility of receiving missed calls from their mother ».

A notification that sparked various reactions, with other internet users replying: “ Honestly, I froze for a few seconds and my heart sank so hard… “, OR ” really very awkward Deliveroo. Hoping the rest of the day is more enjoyable “.

Another criticizes: “ I would like to explain to Deliveroo how distressing and horrible this can be, but I prefer to uninstall their service. »

Yet another complains: “ Already a very sad day, but receiving this notification from Deliveroo was not mandatory. Thinking of all those who have lost their mothers, we are together. »

Faced with these dozens of negative messages, the company apologized to the service Tech&Co from BFMTV. “ We regret sending this notification, it was a mistake on our part and we apologize to anyone who may have been hurt by this message. »the company reacted.

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