Choose your zodiac sign and discover which Onegin character you are

Choose your zodiac sign and discover which Onegin character you are

Should you write a letter or fall on your knees?

Over the course of 88 years, Alexander Pushkin’s novel was adapted for the screen three times: in the Russian Empire, in the Soviet Union and in Great Britain. Each of the adaptations found its audience, but domestic creators decided to give the classic a new interpretation. So, in 2024, Sarik Andreasyan’s film was released.

Although the project itself received mixed reviews, each character managed to impress audiences. And in each of them, depending on the zodiac sign, everyone can see themselves:

Scorpios provoke heated debates wherever they appear, and Onegin is no exception. To the surprise of many, it was under this sign that the main character of the work could be born, hiding deep feelings behind a mask of calm. Tatiana looks no less contrasting against his background, in whom they discern a changeable Aquarius – today a timid person, but tomorrow sensual.

Naturally, the drama around two such people could not help but flare up, in which Aries and Gemini can easily be involved. The harsh nature of the former and sometimes the frivolity of the latter leads to tragic consequences, as was the case with Lensky, who died for the heart of Olga Larina in a duel with Onegin.

The Virgos, embodied by Filipyevna, Tatyana’s nanny, are far from such passions: pragmatic, wise and charming. Women like her are endowed not only with logical thinking, but also with the ability to foresee the development of events, which makes her a reliable friend and an excellent advisor in all areas of life.

Photo source: “Cinema Atmosphere”

Author: Vasilisa Mironova

Source: Popcorn News

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