Secrets of physiognomy: how to read character by face using the example of celebrities

Even in children’s fairy tales, evil was always associated with something unattractive, while goodness appeared in all its rainbow glory. As we get older, we ask questions more often because our ideas of beauty are not only different, but generally do not align, as if it has nothing to do with appearance. On the one hand, we are taught to make an impression, and on the other hand, not to judge by clothes. Only the hunchbacked old woman can impress with her sincerity, and the beauty can turn not into a white swan, but into a real demon.

So how accurate is it to judge a person based on his appearance? Do facial features truly convey information about personality, rather than being the result of a random set of genes?

Physiognomist, author and communications speaker Ainur Zinnatullin answered these questions exclusively for The Fashion Vibes. Using celebrities as an example, he explained how physiognomy helps read the character from a person’s facial features.

Ainur Zinnatullin, physiognomist

What is “physiognomy”?

physiognomy It is a method of determining a person’s personality type and character through the analysis of facial features. The practice itself originated in Ancient China, and in Europe Aristotle is considered its founder. The method was later popularized by the medieval alchemist and philosopher Giambattista della Porta, who wrote “Human Physiology”.

It’s in physiognomy 3 main principles:

— Unity of internal and external: Features of a person’s appearance are interconnected with personal qualities.

— Integrity: Each part of the body carries information about the person as a whole.

— Subjectivity: People “read” each other against the background of their experience and knowledge.

What can your facial features tell you about your personality?

Here are a few signs that can help you predict human behavior:

Bella Hadid. Photo: Legion-media

oval face shape

Impulsive actions, intuitiveness. Or simply put, decisions based on “This is how I feel, I don’t need to argue.”

Margot Robbie. Photo: Getty Images

Rectangular and square face

Leadership qualities, male type. This person is characterized by cold analysis and calculation. If such a person shows signs of interest in you, it means he knows exactly what he wants.

Zac Efron. Photo: Getty Images

Strong, heavy jaw

Physical endurance, brutality. As a rule, such people are well-built and athletic. Watch out for wrestlers.

Adrien Brody

small mouth

Stinginess, meanness, suspicion. Such people are insecure, but at the same time quite disciplined and pedantic. Logical thinking dominates them, which allows them to achieve success in exact sciences.

Cillian Murphy. Photo: Getty Images

big mouth

Generosity, gambling addiction. Such people literally try to swallow as much of life as possible and are insatiable in emotions.

Alexandra Daddario. Photo: social networks

round eyes

Making quick decisions. If your boss has this trait, tell him the most important information, you don’t need to bore him with all the details.

Ryan Gosling. Photo: Getty Images

eyes close together

Careful development of action strategy. They are literally “concave” inwards. They’re not very social – all real life happens inside them.

Chris Hemsworth. Photo: Getty Images

Deeply set eyes

Conservatism in views and relationships. If his wife is alone. If they have chosen their favorite meal at a restaurant, they will now order it everywhere.

Elsa Hosk. Photo: social networks

big eye shape

Openness, friendship. They are literally eating this world with their eyes. The main value of life is relationships with other people.

Virgin Cassel. Photo: social networks

thick eyebrows

Emotionality, anger. If during an argument you notice that your opponent has naturally thick eyebrows, it is better to step aside.

Jude Law in the movie “Crane”

moles on cheeks

Emotionality, irritability, and a tendency to sudden mood swings. Such a mole indicates artistic talent, so it is often found among representatives of creative professions.

Svetlana Hodchenkova. Photo: social networks

Moles under the lower lip

In general, moles near the lips are the sign of Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. A mole under the lip reveals a strong will and a strong character. These are purposeful people, pleasant and attractive interlocutors.

Leonardo DiCaprio (Photo: Getty Images)


Sensuality, sensuality and openness to the world. Such people live with their emotions and give themselves to them unconditionally.

Angelina Jolie Photo: Legion-media

The lower lip is larger than the upper lip

Selfishness, it is difficult to negotiate with such a person. He will constantly try to win an argument.

Jessica Chastain / Photo: Getty Images

Prominent chin

Aggressiveness, high testosterone. Such people are more prone to violent outbursts of aggression than others.

Anya Taylor-Joy (Photo: Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images for Focus Features and Universal Pictures)

Dark Eyes

People with dark brown eyes are emotional, passionate and impulsive.

Barbara Palvin. Photo: Getty Images

open eyes

People with open irises are reasonable, patient and pragmatic.

By the way, we have previously written in more detail that eye color and hair color talk about your character.

Of course, it has many more features. And it is important to remember that physiognomy is not a science and it is not worth drawing conclusions only on external features, but serving as clues is a definite yes.

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