Hollywood’s most successful young actors have been announced

The Hollywood Reporter published an article talking about the ten most successful young actors in Hollywood. Who made it to this list? Let’s talk.

Zendaya. Photo: Getty Images

Zendaya definitely made the list for good reason. Recently, two high-profile premieres took place with the participation of the actress – “Dune: Chapter Two” and “The Contestants”. Plus Glen Powell (“Expendency 3,” “Nobody But You”), Jacob Elordi and Paul Mescal, whose “Priscilla: Elvis and Me” is released in 2023. Jenna Ortega was also included in the rating: we are still talking about the Wednesday series in which she stars and we are looking forward to the continuation. And Austin Butler, Florence Pugh, Anya-Taylor Joy, Sydney Sweeney and Timothée Chalamet. In principle, the list turned out to be quite predictable.

Austin Butler. Photo: Getty Images

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