Escort some dwarves in DUNGEONS & DRAGONS through a maze of tunnels in HUNTERED HALLS OF THE FINGERS

The haunted halls of the fingers it’s a new adventure for Dungeons & Dragons from Caio Mouriz. This third-party adventure is designed for a level 2-5 adventuring party and looks like a dungeon crawl where they have to escort some dwarves through some tunnels in the mountains.

The party will not only have to navigate the maze of tunnels, but also face various factions of drow and kobolds, fight ghosts, and more.

It is estimated that it will take approximately 2-3 gaming sessions to complete The haunted halls of the fingers so it could be a great way to introduce someone D&D or to start a new campaign.

Journey into the depths of The Fingers, a formidable mountain range that hides a labyrinth of ancient tunnels, forgotten treasures and dark secrets. Commissioned by King Aldric of Eldoria, the adventurers must escort an entourage of dwarves led by King Thrain Ironbeard to establish a settlement and protect the wealth hidden within these mountains. But be careful, because the tunnels are full of dangers both natural and supernatural.

You can buy The haunted halls of the fingers from DMs Guild (affiliate link) for $4.00. In addition to the adventure, your purchase gets you detailed maps, NPCs, magic items, and more.

by Tommy Williams
Source: Geek Tyrant

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