Comedian Evgeny Chebatkov made a rare comment about his income

Evgeny Chebatkov is considered one of the most successful comedians at the moment. This list may also include Guram Amaryan, with whom we published material: Rasul Chabdarov, Khetag Khugaev, Artem Vinokur, Sergei Orlov. In a new interview, Chebatkov admitted that the salaries of the presenter in the Stand Up show on TNT and the comedians performing on this project are almost the same.

Evgeny Chebatkov. Photo: social networks

“I can’t say that there is a huge difference. Plus or minus,” Chebatkov stated in his YouTube program “Macarena”. He stated that he likes to try himself in a new role. Chebatkov said: “Every season I listen carefully to all the speakers, I study the pulse of stand-up comedy from this point of view ” said.

Evgeny Chebatkov. Photo: A frame from the movie “Major Thunder: The Game”

Evgeny Chebatkov is not only a comedian and presenter, but also an actor. The artist starred in the final part of the film about Major Thunder – “Major Thunder: The Game”. He played a bandit in the movie. Previously, he and his wife Vera Drovenikova attended the screening of the film as part of the 46th Moscow International Film Festival.

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