“We only belong to ourselves”: Igor Sivov consulted a psychologist after announcing his divorce from Nyusha

In early May, Igor Sivov and Nyusha announced their divorce. The former lovers did not reveal the reason for the separation, but there were rumors that the betrayal had a devastating effect on their relationship.

Nyusha and Igor Sivov. Photo: social networks

The businessman invited a psychologist to his show. He asked an expert how to survive the betrayal of a loved one and noted that he did not believe in the existence of this concept. As the expert points out, betrayal only occurs when a person belongs to someone.

“It is my deepest belief that we belong only to ourselves. The second point is that there are many theories about betrayal. “In fact, the third one is needed to stay in the first one,” said the psychologist, adding that lovers suffer the most in such relationships.

Nyusha and Igor Sivov. Photo: social networks

Let us recall that Nyusha admitted in September 2022 that the problems in the family began when she was pregnant with her second child. The singer did not say whose fault the infidelity was, but fans blamed Igor for everything.

The businessman responded to criticism on the Internet. “We both decided not just to tell but to show by example that there are things in our lives that can be considered different: not to tear them apart, not to send them away, but to see what this situation is about,” Sivov said. aforementioned.

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