Men love older women: The star of “Magnificent Century” shocked fans with obscene scenes in the new TV series “Ru”

On May 24, the Turkish series ‘Ru’, starring Meryem Uzerli, the star of ‘Magnificent Century’, started on the Gain platform. Explicit scenes in which the actress appeared naked surprised her fans.

Meryem Uzerli plays a woman who is with a man 10 years younger than her in her new project ‘Ru’. It’s no surprise that couples face a lot of pressure from others. However, Reyyan and Uzer (Sam Şevval) are ready to do anything to continue their forbidden love.

By the way, we have previously explained what you need to know when dating a younger man. We also wrote why men choose women older than themselves.

Apparently there is no 18+ scene limit on Turkish dramas anymore, at least on streaming services. In one of the scenes, the heroine Meryem Uzerli appeared naked.

A frame from the TV series “Ru” Meryem Uzerli and Şevval Sam
A frame from the TV series “Ru”
A frame from the TV series “Ru” Meryem Uzerli and Şevval Sam
A frame from the TV series “Ru”

The reaction from internet users was mixed. Some felt that the actress should have refused to film such scenes because she was a mother of two. Some “appreciated” Meryem Uzerli’s breasts and allegedly suggested that the actress’s plastic surgery was unsuccessful. Opinions about the actress’s performance differed. Some fans criticized the episode as making no sense. At the same time, the majority still thought that the passionate scene with the partner was very convincing. This probably isn’t the only hot episode in the series.

Time will tell whether the audience will accept the star with her new image or whether they will continue to associate her with Hürrem Sultan.

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