How to wear Bermuda shorts without spoiling your figure?

Bermuda shorts have long been indispensable for the warmer months. This model is more suitable for urban use than extremely short denim shorts. They make it easy to create stylish outfits for any occasion: You can wear them with confidence to the office, for a walk in the park, or even to a date. But there is a nuance. Due to their length, Bermuda shorts can play a cruel joke on our body size and distort body proportions. We share some tips on how to choose shorts and what to wear them with to look perfect.

Choose Bermuda shorts that fall just above the knee

This way they will not “split” the legs, but will simply emphasize them beautifully.

Wear with platform shoes

Loafers or boots with rough soles will visually increase your height and create a balance between bulky shorts and shoes.

Create extremely voluminous looks

Try Billie Eilish’s favorite trick: Add an equally voluminous top to oversized shorts.

Pair Bermuda shorts with heels

And feel free to go to the office, to an event or on a romantic walk.

Choose medium fit

The fashionable low rise of Bermuda shorts tends to spoil even the most “ideal” figure, so give preference to more standard options.

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