Top 7 modern interior trends

Trends exist not only in the world of fashion, but also in the world of interiors. Today we are talking about popular trends in home furniture.

Multi-layer lighting

Nowadays, interior architects prefer to use different light sources together in the space. Small cozy table lamps, floor lamps and layered lighting can change the mood and atmosphere of a room.

Various texture elements

The use of texture in interior design will be at the forefront of design decisions in 2024. Everyone wants to create a cozy and exuberant home, and simply put, without texture, the space will look flat, so this is the perfect way to add depth and even change size.

Color variety

The last few years have significantly changed the way people approach interiors, and it’s safe to say that consumers are really starting to choose colors and feel confident in such experiments.

Authentic handmade elements

This trend, where thoughtful and sustainable design will be the main focus in 2024, will force us to be more responsible in our purchases. This will lead to a more appreciative attitude towards handmade interior details.

magnificent stone

The beauty of natural materials is timeless. By 2024, stones traditionally most commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens will find their way throughout the home, from sculptural stone side tables in the bedroom to a striking marble fireplace in the living room.

special carpets

Ornate rugs are an almost forgotten design element that definitely adds beauty to your floor. We’re not talking about bringing back the Soviet rug trend throughout the home; instead, we imply that a rug or two with an unusual print can help redesign the space.

blue colors

This year, blue will dominate the color schemes of rooms, from furniture to accessories and wallpapers. The beauty of decorating with blue is that this palette can easily adapt to a wide variety of interiors.

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