An astrologer’s prediction: What awaits Russians in the spring of 2024 after the presidential elections?

Spring is the time when nature awakens and with it changes occur in people’s hearts and minds. This year’s season will truly usher in a series of updates. From March 15 to 17, 2024, presidential elections were held in Russia, which means that changes are imminent in the country’s politics and in the life of every citizen.

What events can we expect this spring and how will they affect the fate of Russians? Will natural disasters affect our country? Which areas of activity will be examined? What is the best time for financial transactions? What troubles can citizens of the country encounter and how can they be avoided?

Astrologist Vera Khubelashvili answered these questions exclusively for The Fashion Vibes, telling what changes will happen in Russia and the world and what Russians should prepare for in the spring of 2024.

Vera Khubelashvili, astrologer

What important events in the world will affect the situation in Russia?

Spring 2024 is a turning point for Russia and the whole world. First, let’s talk about global trends. The upcoming period will be under the strong negative influence of Pisces, which promises significant problems with water poisoning resulting from human-made accidents.

When it comes to trade routes, danger will be on the agenda of the whole world. These trends will also affect Russia. The Baltic Sea will enter the zone of negative influence in April, where problems in maritime communications may arise.

The calmest conditions near water in Russia will be near small lakes and in northern waters. As for regions where there are no major water resources, the situation there will be most favorable.

There will be problems in world trade during the lunar and solar eclipses that will occur very soon (March 25 and April 8). It will suffer serious damage due to possible damage to communications. But fortunately, these trends will not affect Russia. The strongest negative symptoms can be felt in mid-March. People can be prone to conflict, especially if they have high levels of Mercury energy (Gemini and Virgo).

What awaits Russia?

The timing of voting is related to the emotional response of the media. Some are trying to tarnish the image of the government, and some are trying to support it. Of course, these feelings will also be found among people. So don’t forget your critical thinking.

But we will see the most aggressive weather on April 8-9. People will act hastily and hostilely, putting them at risk of making emotional decisions that could lead to negative consequences.

As for the government, Russia is on the verge of change. The strongest dynamics of changes will occur in late May – early June.

But no matter how important this dynamic is, there is no point in claiming that the overall political emphasis will change instantly.

What other changes can Russians expect in the spring of 2024?

April and May will be the period when various types of scammers become more active; they will definitely try to take advantage of the gullibility of the citizens. It is hardly possible to talk about some major conspiracies and the like. These are very special cases. Scammers will try to trick certain people to get their money or property.

Buying any shares now is quite risky, because the financial market will undergo transformations, the consequences of which will most likely be positive for our country. But it is better to take a closer look and monitor the situation until the moment when this happens.

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