“My life consists of different strips”: Svetlana Bondarchuk decided to talk more about personal

55-year-old Svetlana Bondarchuk is happily married to Sergei Kharchenko. It was previously known that the couple had a son named Peter. The TV presenter does not often pamper her fans with news about her personal life. She has now decided to be more open on social networks.

Svetlana Bondarchuk. Photo: social networks

On Forgiveness Sunday, Svetlana published a video message to subscribers on her Telegram channel. Bondarchuk asked for forgiveness from anyone he may have offended and appealed to those who were offended for any reason to unfollow his accounts. Yıldız said, “Forgive me, please do not be angry, I will try to be more careful.”

The celebrity admitted that she does not talk much about her life because she is a public person. “You must understand that I am a media person and publishing myself on these platforms is only a small part of my life. And it’s clear that I, too, live in my experiences, in my little personal victories. My life is much more multifaceted and consists of different stripes – there are white, black stripes, sometimes some drift – it happens in different ways,” – spoke the TV personality.

Svetlana Bondarchuk stated that in the near future she wants to share with her subscribers “some personal things” that upset her. “This is not for me to feel sorry for,” she emphasized. The presenter said that he flew to Dubai for two days. There he combined business with pleasure: rest and work.

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