A box of mangoes, a ghost house and a hot cup of tea: PEOPLETALK learned from couriers the funniest stories of their work

Over several years of experience in delivery, many funny and touching stories have happened to me. But some were more memorable than others. One day I was delivering an order to a new customer. He got on the ground and knocked on the door. A girl appeared before me; She was holding the dog by its leash so it wouldn’t run away. But the pet turned out to be stronger – he broke free, ran up to me and began to lick me, trying to reach the bag in which the order was located. I gave the customer his purchases and petted the dog. An interesting coincidence: This dog had the same name as my dog, who has lived with me for almost 19 years. I delivered the order to this customer more than once, but since then the dog’s owner has no longer tried to keep him. He opened the door and Naida (that was the pet’s name) met me between the floors and we walked towards the apartment together. I placed the order, petted the dog and left.

There was another funny incident involving a dog. When I returned from my last order, I saw a young man and a girl trying to catch their husky dog ​​- it was off leash and wanted to run away. I had time before my shift ended, so I decided to help: catch the fugitive, because it was easier for me to do it on a bike. The mission was completed successfully and the naughty pet was returned to its owners.

I also often meet customers who want to help me. For example, one day I was placing an order at a hairdresser. The weather outside was bad, it was raining, and they bought me tea. It was beautiful. Now every time I come to this address they offer me a cup of tea. But I politely decline so as not to be late for other customers waiting for me.

Once I met a customer on the street to whom I often delivered orders. He noticed me and offered to help deliver the orders by car. Of course I refused. But it’s always nice when people are ready to help. I try to answer them the same way.

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