Forest retreat: How can you spend a weekend truly relaxing?

Forest retreat: How can you spend a weekend truly relaxing?
Forest retreat: How can you spend a weekend truly relaxing?

As each work week begins, most of us look ahead, hoping to imagine how we will spend the next weekend. We’ve come up with a few ideas on how to get yourself out of a boring routine, survive “Groundhog Day” and diversify your day off to fully recharge.

Here are 5 tips to help you truly relax before a December race in the effort to do everything at once.

Go out of town to relax

Countryside hotels located away from the metropolis will best help in this regard. For example, Welna is a real resort town in the middle of the forest, 120 km from Moscow. Located on the high bank of the Tarusa River and surrounded by a broad-leaved forest of centuries-old oaks and lindens, it preserves the silence and clean air of these places, nicknamed “little Switzerland”. There are rooms and cozy cottages in the main buildings. There are even suites for those who never want to leave their room. So if you’re looking for the perfect place for self-reflection and inspiration, head to the eco-hotel.

Get together with a large group of friends

In such a situation, preparation is important. The question immediately arises: Where is the best place to go? Personally, we are always in favor of meeting our loved ones in neutral territory. For example, in cottages on the hotel grounds where all guests can stay. So consider the entertainment program prepared in advance. With this composition you can watch movies in the evening and go to the spa.

go to spa

Improving health is an important step in renewing internal resources. As you know, spa programs allow you to completely relax and get rid of stress and tension. Welna has a swimming pool with panoramic windows. Imagine being able to swim and look deep into the forest. An ideal place for meditation. Meanwhile, there are four swimming pools on the site, two indoor and two outdoor. And various types of baths and saunas.

walking a lot

Outdoor recreation is the best way to spend the weekend at any time of the year. The important thing is to find a suitable place where you can feel away from all worries and problems. Choose hotels located near the forest. Believe me, you won’t find a better place for walking, cycling and horseback riding.

Take yourself on a food tour

Agree, often while on vacation you want to switch not only from work duties, but also from home duties. That’s why we, as the editorial office, especially value places where you can completely forget about all your worries. For example, near the reception there is an eco-market that sells only environmentally friendly products of the hotel’s own production, and for a feeling of carefree we strongly recommend purchasing local products before leaving and after returning home. And in the Welna area there are as many as three restaurants “U Rakita”, “Senoval” and the bar “Library” offering special cocktails.

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