Traces of blood in the snow and passion in the capital: why you should watch the new detective novel “Cerberus” starring Sergei Marin.

In such snowy weather, it’s time to spice up your free time with a cup of tea and watching your favorite TV series. We have already watched the first two episodes of the historical detective story “Cerberus”, which deals with love and hate against the backdrop of the suppressed Decembrist uprising. The main roles in the series were played by Sergey Marin, Vera Kolesnikova, Timofey Tribuntsev, Evgeny Tsyganov and Alexander Gorbatov. Today, November 28, the third episode was released on the Premier online platform. We share our impressions about the new product of the season.

A frame from the TV series “Cerberus”

Lifeless bodies on Senate Square covered with snow – these are participants in the Decembrist uprising who died in a clash with the gendarmerie on the night of December 14-15, 1826. While the senior management captured and interrogated the instigators in great detail, hoping to take precautions against any coup attempt, St. A series of brutal murders are taking place in St. Petersburg. Moreover, so-called informants are also victimized. Investigators led by Lavr Petrovich (Timofey Tribuntsev) discover mysterious notes at the crime scene.

The action develops slowly, unhurriedly. At first it seems like we’re seeing a costumed reconstruction of the 19th-century Russian Empire with repercussions of lost greatness, but no. The main thing in history is the people themselves, who become pawns in the game of time.

The main character of the story, university counselor Alexander Karlovich Boshnyak, played by Sergei Marin, fell under the control of the government. Luckily, the nobleman escapes trial and is released, but immediately becomes the victim of a stranger’s attack. The second time, he is saved from certain death by luck, or rather love. The hero is breastfed by his Polish lover, Carolina Sobanska (Vera Kolesnikova). For his sake, she breaks up with her boss, Count Witte (Evgeniy Tsyganov). The girl knows that her former benefactor will never forgive her for this behavior and puts an advertisement in the newspaper about the alleged death of her lover.

The initiation of the hero Sergei Marin is a clear confirmation of the proverb: “He who is destined to be hanged will not be drowned.” We understand that fate saved Bosniak for a greater purpose.

Vera Kolesnikova in the TV series “Cerberus”

Let’s admit it, it’s quite exciting to watch how the detective puzzle comes together, considering the references to Russian literature. Yes, there is some drama and emotion in the series, but these do not distract from the main motif of the story.

A frame from the TV series “Cerberus”

And what is more fascinating to watch – the development of relationships in a love triangle or the unraveling of a strikingly twisted criminal tangle – everyone chooses for himself. In the historical detective story “Cerberus”, from the first minutes, St. The mysterious snowy atmosphere of St. Petersburg is truly fascinating. The main character is an aristocrat who is interested in botany, has a self-sacrificing and loving heart, and desires to be useful to the state. Maybe he would live for himself, but the whirlwind of change makes him an unwitting participant in palace intrigues. They can sleep peacefully in the Winter Palace as long as the Motherland needs his skills and abilities.

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