About the success of the series, childhood and other roles: interview with the star of “The Boy’s Words” Ruzil Minekaev

“The Boy’s Promise” series. “Blood on the Asphalt” will perhaps be the main premiere this fall. Ruzil Minekaev, who plays 15-year-old Marat, gave a long interview in which he talked about the shooting of the film, his childhood and working with director Zhora Kryzhovnikov.

Photo: A frame from the “Boy’s Promise” series. “There is blood on the asphalt”

This is not Ruzil’s first project, he previously starred in the TV series “Bow”. “I already had a big role in a movie before this; I played Max in the TV series “Bow”. To be honest, I was very worried before shooting “A Boy’s Word”, I was afraid of screwing up. This is a very large-scale project with a really great script and a great director, and I felt a great responsibility,” says the actor in an interview with Kino-Teatr.RU.

Photo: A frame from the TV series “Yay”

Ruzil was convinced from the very beginning that the series would be so successful. “Yes, I knew right away that it was just going to be a ball! “When I read the first five episodes of the script, I realized that I really wanted to play Marat,” he said.

The actor said that he initially auditioned for the role of Vova Adidas, Marat’s older brother, later played by Ivan Yankovsky. “I came to the audition, I open the door, the casting director sees me and says: “Listen, you are not Vova at all!” Let’s try on Andrey. Will you learn the text?” I said okay, let’s try it on Andrey. They gave the text, I learned it, I come again, the casting director says: “Listen, I changed my mind, let’s go to Marat!” So I said let’s try it on Marat. “I learned the text again, we tried a few scenes and he liked it right away,” the actor explained.

Photo: A frame from the “Boy’s Promise” series. “There is blood on the asphalt”

Ruzil admitted that he was very grateful to Zhora Kryzhovnikov for this experience. “With Andrei Nikolaevich (real name of the director – Ed.) we talked a lot about acting, cinema and directing in general and what they consist of. I once asked him: “What do you think they’re getting the Oscar for?” What is the genius of the game for which this award was given? He replied: “For my faith in the proposed conditions.” He said one sentence. Then I was surprised and thought: “Is that all?” But there is a lot behind this one sentence,” Ruzil said.

Zhora Kryzhovnikov. Photo: social networks

He talked a little about his childhood: “I spent my entire childhood in the garden. Roughly I studied, went to music school, returned home and did my homework – it’s not about me. I skipped music school and didn’t study very well. Therefore, I roughly understood what Marat was thinking and feeling.”

Ruzil Minekaev. Photo: social networks

The journalist also revealed whether he thought the series romanticized the image of a thug and whether someone could take him as an example. “I think no. I won’t spoil it, but the heroes do very bad things; I don’t think they can be an example to anyone. In general, it seems to me that now there are completely different trends, an emphasis on humanity, humanity. Everyone is against bullying, oppression, violence against others; not just physically but also psychologically. I don’t think anyone would want to follow our heroes and start fighting in the streets,” Ruzil said.

Photo: A frame from the “Boy’s Promise” series. “There is blood on the asphalt”

Let us also remind you that the series tells about youth groups in Kazan in the late 1980s. In addition to Ruzil Minekaev, Ivan Yankovsky, Leon Kemstach, Elizaveta Bazykina (previously starred in the series “In Two”), Anna Peresild (daughter of actress Yulia Peresild) and others starred. The film was directed by Zhora Kryzhovnikov. Read our long interview with Ruzil here. Also, don’t forget to take the quiz to find out who you might be dating from the show.

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