Creepy video of evil clown at McDonald’s becomes an offensive meme

A Vine featuring evil clown Ronald McDonald screaming and destroying everything around him has gone viral on TikTok. A quote from an archived commercial for fast food chain McDonald’s has become the template for memes about aggression when something doesn’t go right the first time.

In the video, the McDonald’s clown tries to say his lines when he suddenly breaks down and attacks the cameramen and the happy child eating a hamburger from the children’s Happy Meal menu.

Clip featuring angry clown Ronald McDonald

The authors of memes on TikTok call themselves conflict-free people, and then they bring up a situation that becomes the final straw that overwhelms patience.

McDonald’s Evil Clown Meme

Internet users also use the evil clown meme in situations where they need to calm down. For example, during the art therapy process.

McDonald’s Evil Clown Meme

By the way, the meme about an aggressive clown did not appear by chance. Until recently, Ronald McDonald in a yellow suit and red wig was McDonald’s recognizable mascot, but in 2016 the company decided to abandon him. An important role in this was played by pranksters who began to dress like a popular advertising character and scare people: at night, dressed as clowns, they went out and stood silently in front of the windows of other people’s houses.

This story was reflected in the media after the children and their parents complained to the police. Let’s add that the pranks took place the day before the release of the popular horror movie “It,” in which Pennywise the clown kills children. Fearing negative connotations, McDonald’s advertising department abandoned its mascot. Even so, the ad hero gained second popularity as a meme.

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