5 misconceptions that hinder healthy relationships

If relationships with a partner do not bring happiness and only lead to negative emotions, if you are uncomfortable with them, if you feel uncomfortable and your interests are not taken into account, and if tension and anxiety are increasing, then this is most likely an unhealthy union. .

Relationships based on mutual respect, trust, support and understanding are considered healthy. In such a relationship, each partner has the right to freedom and personal space, and also respects the other person’s rights and accepts their personal boundaries. Healthy relationships are also characterized by open and honest communication in which each partner expresses their feelings and needs and is willing to work together on conflict resolution, which distinguishes this format from open relationships. In such an alliance, many personal tasks are also solved together.

It seems that everything is logical, clear and simple. However, not everyone manages to build healthy and happy relationships, and people are stuck in a toxic story for a long time. Psychologist Anna Sukhova identifies five misconceptions that prevent us from loving properly.

Anna Sukhova, psychologist

1. “Love should be unconditional”

In fact, love is an emotion that expects nothing in return, but healthy relationships should be built on mutual respect, trust and a desire to support each other. And if you stop taking care of yourself in the hope that your partner will love and accept you, you are very wrong.

2. “If you love me, you must know what I need”

It is wrong to assume that a partner should know what you need. Communication and trust help the partner understand and then build a more harmonious relationship. Naturally, if in a couple someone keeps quiet and saves, hoping that the spouse will understand everything, then this is a road to nowhere. The expectation of psychic abilities and desires are not attributes of true love.

3. “If I’m real, they won’t accept me”

Often a person hides his true identity for fear that his partner will not accept him, this can lead to the fact that he will remain in the role that he invented for himself all his life and not who he really is. A demo is usually posted at the start of a relationship. Some people become immersed in theatrical self-presentation and become afraid of being real. But what is valuable is the gift, attractive to the opposite sex. Sincerity is charisma. The person you want to follow and be with.

4. “If you truly love me, you will distance yourself from other people”

Often people are very jealous and this can lead to conflicts. However, healthy relationships should be based on trust and support, not on a partner’s attempts to control their life. Living as a couple and melting into each other without any other connections is appealing, but only in the first place. Everyone who communicates with his environment experiences a new communication experience and becomes more interesting, desirable, and a limited person sooner or later begins to annoy his partner with his monotony.

5. “If you love me, you don’t criticize me”

Constructive criticism is an important part of a healthy relationship. When you encounter problems, it’s important to learn how to share your ideas and be ready for change.

Intimate conversations are the general cleansing of relationships.

Communication can only be established through open communication.

Still from the movie “Act Like My Wife”

Remember that a healthy climate in a couple requires work and participation from both parties. If you want to build strong and lasting relationships, avoid the misconceptions described above.

Source: People Talk

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