Aiza-Liluna Ai admitted to having about nine breast surgeries

Aiza-Liluna Ai admitted to having about nine breast surgeries
Aiza-Liluna Ai admitted to having about nine breast surgeries

Blogger and TV presenter became the heroine of the new episode of Ida Galich’s YouTube program “You Have Questions.” Aiza-Liluna Ai talked about her numerous breast surgeries, her relationship with rapper Guf and three strangers who are currently interested in her.

Photo: A still from the YouTube show “You Have Questions”

According to the celebrity, she had to undergo about nine breast surgeries because her body did not accept silicone and the threads dissolved very quickly. In the last surgery, it turned out that the previous doctor did not remove the capsule where the implant was located and did not sew the muscles back into place.

In response, Ida Galich stated that this is precisely the reason why she does not want to have breasts made for herself. “Although good doctors warn that if you have silicone implants, you have to tighten the skin every five to six years because it sags,” Isa added.

The blogger also said that she moved to Bali because she was diagnosed with anxiety disorder and moderate depressive syndrome, and that she could not stay in Moscow, where she had to work constantly and could not afford to just lie down and rest. Bali allowed her to slow down, and her sons Elvis and Sam asked her to be with them.

Guf and Aiza-Liluna Ai with their son Sam. Photo: social networks

Aiza-Liluna Ai also told how she communicates with her ex-husband Guf: “Yesterday he came to visit my family, we had lunch together. Surprisingly, my family loves him, they adore him. It’s scary”. In response to a question about the musician’s daughters, the presenter said that for her the main thing is how Alexey Dolmatov (real name) is. Note.) interferes with their son Sam’s life.

Aiza-Liluna Ai and Ida Galich. Photo: A still from the YouTube program “You Have Questions”

Aiza-Liluna Ai is not deprived of male attention. She said that she currently communicates with three strangers at the same time: Thomas, Luke and Florian. The heroine still communicates only with Thomas, but with Luke and Florian there are already more. “Three suitors who definitely live by my rules,” the blogger said. But she added that she would not marry any of them.

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