What is this Lindt chocolate orange scam?

What is this Lindt chocolate orange scam?
What is this Lindt chocolate orange scam?

As I turned over the dark chocolate bar with orange, I read the composition and it really irritated me. But where did the ornage barks go?

Like many of you, I am a fan of chocolate, with a preference for full fat milk chocolatetype Milka, Crunch etc. But I am trying to cure my addiction and recently I turned to dark chocolate. It’s an interesting alternative, both because my kids (and my boyfriend) aren’t in a hurry, and also because it feels like I’m eating something a little less unhealthy. Above all, I love dark chocolate with orangereminds me of the orangettes at the chocolatier: a thin orange peel covered in crunchy dark chocolate. Yum. But be careful, I hate After Eight. Gen Z, I’m not sure you know this.

It was no surprise to me to discover the composition of my favorite bar of the moment: Lindt, Excellence Black Intense Orange 100g.

Orange juice in orange chocolate!

The composition in question:

Yes, you read that right. Goodbye orange peels. There is orange juice in there, made from concentrate. No, but disappointing. They also give us lemon juice and pineapple?! What is the connection seriously? Ok, now you have been warned. I will refer to the Côte d’or.

This article was a rant. If you see other scams like this, please share them with us: [email protected]

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