7 reasons why a girl makes a guy jealous

7 reasons why a girl makes a guy jealous
7 reasons why a girl makes a guy jealous

Oscar Wilde said, “A woman will flirt with anyone as long as he looks at her.” However, for most men, women’s behavior remains a secret, because even married ladies cannot resist tickling the nerves of their loved ones. Why do girls provoke guys to jealousy? Let’s talk.


Natalie Portman in the movie “Close”

If the spark in a relationship has disappeared, the girl may worry and cause jealousy in her partner. This might just be a way to add some spice to your daily routine. In such a case, the third party usually has no real interest and therefore does not pose a threat. True, you should not get carried away by this game, so as not to shake the trust of the faithful.

Proof of self-worth

The girl provokes rivalry among her fans due to her lack of self-confidence. This makes men feel like a desirable trophy, a woman with a heart, with whom they break spears at tournaments and sing serenades at night. The attention from fans feeds his ego. It is like the sun around which the planets revolve.

just boring

A frame from the movie “Match Point”

Some girls don’t have many interests, so they get too fixated on relationships. Moreover, they often do not work for him due to excessive zeal. He turns his fans so much that they feel like they’re just stage decorations at his big show.

Testing the limits of a man’s self-confidence

In this case, the girl usually has many fans. He presses their foreheads together to make a choice. This way he can track a man’s reaction to his opponents. It’s paradoxical, but usually the person throwing the tantrum is the loser, and the person who puts the girl in her place evokes sympathy. And he is already starting to fight for the coveted trophy.

trying to manipulate

From time to time, girls test their ability to impress a guy. Yes, we are also familiar with the feeling of ownership. She will then use all the information about the man in the future. In addition, women expand social relations in this way.

Controlling your partner’s emotions

Rosamund Pike in Gone Girl

It is important for every girl to feel desired. If a man’s emotional spectrum resembles a cracker, sooner or later his crown will begin to fall off. So don’t be surprised if he does an act for you. Women test their feelings, especially in the first stage of the relationship, and make predictions about whether the partner is suitable for them or not.

fear of loss

If a man gives reason to doubt his fidelity, the girl begins to actively flirt with men. And that’s a better tactic than stalking a guy and checking his phone. Suspecting that she is being deceived, the girl comes into full combat readiness: she begins to shoot with her eyes, provoking jealousy. Usually this works: the prodigal husband forgets about his mistress and goes to war for his wife.

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