Plans for the weekend of June 15-16: VK Fest in Sochi and more of “Bridgerton”

Plans for the weekend of June 15-16: VK Fest in Sochi and more of “Bridgerton”
Plans for the weekend of June 15-16: VK Fest in Sochi and more of “Bridgerton”

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We don’t believe we’re saying this, but we’re already halfway through June. We hope you had a great time with the warm weather, seasonal fruits and outdoor parties. Therefore, you yourself understand that the second part should not disappoint you either. Moreover, the verandas of restaurants are convenient to book a table with friends and discuss absolutely all the news of the city.

Everything coincided this weekend; both parties and guest brunches.

This way you get a good mood and a boost of energy, and we get ideas on how to make the most of your time.


To eat

Get inspired

To look

go for a walk

Papaya veranda opening

On two consecutive evenings on June 14 and 15, PAPAYA will host outdoor parties to celebrate the opening of the terrace in the courtyard of the Vivaldi Plaza business center. The series of DJ sets will be opened by Kostya Dubkov, aka VOKBUD, a resident of Fonoteca, DJ at Blanc, Soma, Yauza, Powerhouse and DFF, as well as a frequent guest of the In-Beat-Ween program on Silver Rain radio. The second party will take place with the participation of Denis Simachev Shop&Bar team, Low Budget Family promotion group member and famous DJ Andrey Zhilin, who is in the cast of Simach, Strelka, Deep Fried Friends.

Address: Letnikovskaya street, 2, building 1, floor 1

new sounds

Nuw Store brand and clothing store is opening the long-awaited summer season with a series of music concerts with the participation of popular bands and artists codenamed Nuw sounds.

The next event will take place at the Flacon factory on Sunday, June 16th. Entry is free for everyone, but pre-registration is required. The main star of the event will be the Russian rapper artist Mayot, a member of the Melon Music music association.

Competition from Yıldız Kahvesi

The Stars Coffee cafe chain, together with the automobile brand Omoda and fashion expert Lina Dembikova, is launching a special project in which participants will have the opportunity to win prizes (the main prize, by the way, is a car). Guests who purchase a limited number of drinks between May 28 and June 30 will enter the raffle.

The conditions are very simple: buy a drink from the special Omoda series from Stars Coffee, post a photo of your onion with a glass in your hand on social networks on your personal page with the hashtags #fashion_s_OMODA #LinaDembikova #StarsCoffee, subscribe and tag accounts @omoda.russia, @starscoffee_official, @lina_dembikova .

Shota Restaurant

We recommend lovers of Caucasian cuisine to visit the new Shota restaurant on Pyatnitskaya Street this weekend. The dishes here are prepared according to old recipes, but reinterpreted in a new way.

On the ground floor there are panoramic windows, wood ovens where khachapuri is baked from morning to evening, and an emerald grill. You can sit at intimate tables or sit at a corporate table for 12 people surrounded by wine cabinets. The main attraction of the second floor, full of light and greenery, is the fireplace.

And Nana Meskhia-Dzhgarkava, a true master of Georgian and Megrelian cuisine, is responsible for the menu of the Shota restaurant, because she was born in a Megrelian family and is familiar with the subtleties of this gastronomy since childhood.

Address: Pyatnitskaya street, 6/1

Alexander Bogdanov and Evgeny Tsyganov’s grilled brunch at Eno Bistro

At the height of summer, it becomes increasingly desirable to go out into the countryside to a furnished veranda-garden and have a family dinner or gather with friends. The ENO team brings their friends together again, this time in St. Helvetia Hotel from St. Petersburg invites Alexander Bogdanov, brand chef of Cafe Claret and Marius restaurants. Together with the brand chef Evgeny Tsyganov, they will surprise guests at brunch not only with food, but also with fascinating stories from their joint travels.

Address: Skolkovo, Novaya st. 100, page 5

Floor 41: Start your summer on top

Located at an altitude of 150 meters, St. The highest panoramic restaurant in St. Petersburg is ready to welcome its guests in its comfortable rooms.

Chef Konstantin Andreev took care of the gastronomic offer by updating the restaurant’s original menu for the new season. The best thing to accompany your meal is St. There will be unforgettable summer sunsets over St. Petersburg. Every Friday, a set from the city’s best DJs will create a unique atmosphere of celebration and fun.

Address: St. Petersburg, pl. Constitution 3, building. 2, BC Leader Tower

Neighborhood Brunch Tilda x Segreto Salone

The Segreto Salone project launches a series of friendly brunches, starting with their closest neighbor in the Patriarchate, the Tilda restaurant.

The first brunch will take place on June 15-16, and will feature special menus from chefs Alexander Rusakov (Tilda) and Ivan Kuznetsov (Unica and Segreto Salone) between 12:00 and 17:00. The result is Patrick’s comfort food; understandable but complex. Special products will operate on the barter principle. On Saturday – food from Segreto Salone and on Sunday – food from Tilda. All of them are accompanied by seasonal drinks: the project’s chef-bartenders Alexander Merkov (Tilda) and Mikhail Orlov (Segreto Salone) have prepared four light cocktails that you will not want to leave for a joint weekend.

Address: Blagoveshchensky lane 10с2.

“Peony” box

In June, the active peony flowering season begins in Moscow – Flowwow calls it “Peony Mania”. Inspired by this tender period, the company launched a gift box that will fill people’s daily lives with peony prints and scents. The collection includes products of local brands.

The box includes two tall candles and a candelabra, a peony-scented pouch and diffuser, a handmade bag, floral transfer tattoos and a wreath for a festive mood.

A still from the “Bridgerton” series


The second episode is devoted to Penelope and Colin’s sudden wedding preparations. Can she maintain her dual identity as Lady Whistledown, or will her future husband discover her secret and abandon their hasty marriage? Watch the final episodes of season three to find out.


“Daddy” (Ezra) is a story about family love, parental feelings, differences and acceptance, starting from the best traditions of the American road movie. But then the classic format gives way to new and exciting themes: a unique look at the life of a child with autism spectrum disorder, the search for emotional closeness between a father and son, and the relationships of a fragile family learning to stick together. despite the wild chase across the country.

VK Fest 2024 at Sirius (Sochi)

The loudest event of the summer, VK Fest 2024, is already in Sochi! On June 15, artists such as Cream Soda, Ramil’, Andro, Elman, Toni, Mona and Kamazz, Valya Karnival and Yulia Parshuta will perform in the south of Russia. The leading performer of the festival at Sirius will be the rock band Zveri.

Women’s race IRONLADY TYUMEN 2024

On June 16, Tyumen will host for the first time the IRONLADY TYUMEN 2024 women’s race, which aims to bring together the female sports community and make it part of a major sports festival. Participants will run 5 km along the banks of the Tura River.

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