Type of the 5 parents found on train journeys

Type of the 5 parents found on train journeys
Type of the 5 parents found on train journeys

If you have ever taken the train, you will inevitably come across parents with one or more children. But who are they? What are they doing ? What are their networks? We don’t know, but we have classified 5 different groups.

Children in transport are sometimes a source of stress. Stress for parents who don’t want to disturb their children who make noise, stress for passengers who would like to be able to go from Paris to Nice without the child crying.

Even if the topic of the presence of children on transport continues to attract crowds – just see how many comments under our articles every time the topic is raised – we have decided to offer you 5 typical profiles of parents we always meet on trains.

Be careful, there is humor and bad faith in this article, put away your pitchforks!

The one who doesn’t want to disturb

This parent, generally the mother, let’s not fool ourselves, spends the entire journey saying “shhhh” under her breath, as soon as the child raises his voice a little, laughs, cries, plays, throws a toy, makes a not too discreet sound. This parent is afraid of the gaze of other travelers, above all he doesn’t want to hear them sigh because the child doesn’t have a silent mode, and he’s almost sorry for having created a human being who lives and makes noise without being able to control himself. In short, it’s not his fault, it’s above all the fault of society which is not capable of tolerating others, and of the transport companies which don’t bother to offer spaces dedicated to children.

The one who doesn’t care

Unlike the parent who doesn’t want to disturb, the one who doesn’t care, doesn’t worry. Is your child screaming in the car? She continues scrolling through her phone as if nothing is happening, not even trying to move it in the intercar to try to calm him down. At the end of his tether and frankly uninterested in community life, the parent who doesn’t care is easily as unbearable as his child.

The one who is super organized

This parent has anticipated and planned everything so that the child does not complain or disturb others. Snack, games, drawing paper, nap pillow, extra pacifier, duplicate soft toys and booklets: you won’t give your child a minute’s respite and he won’t have time to get bored, not even for a 5-hour train ride. The super organized parent has it all planned out and succeeds a little too much, to the point of arriving on vacation completely exhausted from all this organization and management, which would drive all the Monica Gellers of the world crazy, as he outdoes them so easily.

The one who focuses everything on mutual help

This parent clearly believes that the world around him is there to help him. During a trip, he counts on the kind-faced old man to entertain his child, he counts on the slightly muscular boy to help him put away or dismantle his 25 suitcases and the travel cot, he counts on the SNCF driver to entertain his son smaller one who is teething. His goal? Fall into a car where there are other children, so that their parents can also take care of your child, while he can take a nap.

The one who invested

Tablet, laptop, story box, iPhone for her 4-year-old: This parent spent minimum wage on gadgets to avoid having to manage the child while traveling. Why bother coloring on a sticky table when you can watch Snow Queen 1 and 2 on the tablet and be at peace for 3 hours? Why bring toys with you when you can download all episodes of Bluy on the computer and put headphones in your child's ears? Speaking of kids and screens, the investing parent has a quote ready for anyone who asks if their child's brain won't melt when they see Olaf screwing up: "It's okay, it doesn't happen all the time, it's the holidays." Good game.

Next time maybe I'll tell you about the type of children we always find on the train.

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