These deputies accused of sexual violence could run again in the legislative elections

These deputies accused of sexual violence could run again in the legislative elections
These deputies accused of sexual violence could run again in the legislative elections

After Emmanuel Macron announced the dissolution of the National Assembly, the parties began campaigning for early legislative elections in June. Some outgoing MPs have already announced their candidacy, despite the accusations of sexism and sexual violence they face.

The political sphere is struggling to free itself from its attackers. The early legislative elections in June already demonstrate this: several outgoing deputies, targeted by accusations of sexism and sexual violence, have already announced, not without indecency, that they will run for their own succession. Others are closely scrutinized by feminist activists, who fear their candidacy.

Julien Bayou

He resigned as head of the EELV after accusations of moral harassment, but does not intend to leave politics. Julien Bayou, deputy of Paris, announced on Monday 10 June that he is running for succession. He has pledged to leave office if the court finds him guilty of the acts of moral harassment and abuse of weakness of which his former partner accuses him. Confident, however, he said he was “convinced” of being “exonerated” by the courts.

Damien Abad

Indicted for rape in 2024, The former leader of the LR deputies, who later joined the ranks of the macronie by briefly occupying the position of minister of Solidarity, Autonomy and People with Disabilities in 2022, announced on Monday evening that he is a candidate to succeed the position in Ain . He explained to BFMTV that he showed up without a label.

As told in Figaroshortly after joining the majority, Mediapart had sent “rape accusations against him, dating back to 2010 and 2011. While these complaints were filed in 2012 and then in 2017, another was filed in June 2022, leading to the opening of preliminary investigations. » However, he was re-elected in the legislative elections of the same year.

Eric Coquerel

The LFI deputy for the Seine-Saint-Denis constituency has not yet officially expressed his desire to run for succession, but he was received on several televisions to react to the Union of the Left, announced on Monday evening. On franceinfo he declared: “ we are working on a disruptive program (…) It could be a historic moment for the country, because it gives us the ability to govern, to be in the majority in a month.”

Accused of sexual harassment and assault by Sophie Tissier, left-wing activist and figure of the yellow vest movement, Éric Coquerel has benefited for the moment from the dismissal of the investigation concerning him.

Adrien Quatennens

The France Insoumise deputy for the North constituency was found guilty of domestic violence against his ex-partner and sentenced to four months in prison as well as a fine of 2,000 euros to be paid to his wife for moral damages. Despite this verdict, France Insoumise deputies voted in favor of his reinstatement in the LFI parliamentary group in April 2023, after several months of suspension.

If her possible candidacy in the next legislative elections has not yet been confirmed, Sandrine Rousseau spoke on the topic on Sunday 9 June. ON BFMTVthe ecologist claimed so “the inauguration of Adrien Quatennens” it was one of the elements to take into consideration in the decision whether or not to form a popular front with the rebels. “This is one of the things we need to discuss (…) the conditions of the discussion, I don't deny my values”. If on Monday the creation of this popular front obtained the agreement in principle of the various actors, the fate of Adrien Quatennens remains unresolved.

Jean Lassalle

A preliminary investigation for rape and sexual assault was opened against him in 2023. Permanently fired in March 2024, he followed the complaint of a woman who accused Jean Lassalle of having raped her in a hotel in Bordeaux in 2010. The former MP, who had presented himself for the first time at the head of the list of the Rural Alliance in in the European elections, he was repeatedly accused of sexual assault, as reported Mediapart in a survey published in 2017, to the point of being nicknamed the “ slimy deputy » because of his behavior towards women.

From the newspaper Southwesthe praised the president's decision to dissolve the National Assembly, without however confirming whether he will run or not.

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