“I don’t settle for less!”: Slava Kopeikin compared himself to Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy

Slava Kopeikin admitted which modern players he admires. The rising star has role models, it seems.

Slava Kopeikin. Photo: social networks

One of the Russian celebrities, Kopeikin, loves Daniil Vorobyov, known for the TV series “Lada Gold” and “Major”. And from foreigners – Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy. “I realized that I was somewhere in between, in type. I don’t settle for less! Animal energy from Hardy, looks and majesty from DiCaprio,” shared the artist.

Slava Kopeikin. Photo: social networks

Slava also told how he chose his future profession in childhood. Until the age of 16, the young man did not know which direction to take in life. “And I wasn’t really interested in anything: I didn’t play sports, I didn’t go to clubs, I didn’t read books. And then suddenly something happened and Mother Universe took me to where I needed to go under a lucky star,” Kopeikin emphasized in an interview with Kinopoisk.

The artist had previously declassified his relationship with Yana Enzhaeva. The couple stopped hiding their feelings in public.

Source: People Talk

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