With the dissolution of the National Assembly, child protection commissions fall into oblivion

Announcing on Sunday evening the dissolution of the National Assembly following the breakthrough of the far right in the European elections, Emmanuel Macron also put an end to the various child protection commissions launched in recent weeks. A calamity for activists.

It is an image that has left its mark. That of Judith Godrèche, in tears at the National Assembly on May 2, when the deputies had just noted the creation of a commission of inquiry into sexual violence in the world of cinema, audiovisual, live entertainment and fashion.

But by choosing to dissolve the National Assembly on Sunday 9 June, after the overwhelming victory of Jordan Bardella’s (RN) list in the European elections, Emmanuel Macron put an end to the struggle of the actress and those who are committed to the protection of children and against sexism. and sexual violence.

“The president swept everything away”

Pending the legislative elections of 30 June and 7 July, the bills and parliamentary work in progress have completely stopped, without knowing whether they will resume later.

In addition to the sudden arrest of the commission of inquiry into violence in the world of culture led by Judith Godrèche, the commission into the dysfunctions of social assistance for children (ASE) was also stopped in its tracks, as was the delegation for human rights of childhood which was held at the National Assembly.

For those involved in the child protection sector, it is a disaster. Everyone expresses their feeling of immense waste and fear for the future, even as the #MeToo movement finally seemed to gain the reach in France that it had lacked for six years.

“Once upon a time: a delegation for children’s rights, a commission of inquiry into violence in the world of culture, a commission of inquiry into the ASE. Tonight the president swept it all away.”the actress and director complained in a story on her Instagram account.

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“I strongly deplore the termination of this commission of inquiry, a collateral victim of Emmanuel Macron’s dangerous decision, and I thank all the people who contributed to our work. (…) I will tirelessly continue the fight against sexual violence, for women’s rights and for children’s rights. »

Francesca Pasquini, deputy for The Ecologists

The Child Collective shares this feeling of dismay and anger in the face of a political decision whose immediate consequences had evidently not been foreseen by the Head of State. Asked by to missClaire Bourdille, spokesperson for this collective of activists against violence against children and adolescents, also deplores the setback of the initiatives adopted in recent weeks in favor of the protection of children.

“It is a disaster and an obstacle to protecting children. There are children dying and we are probably stuck until the next election. It is terrible for us, for the associations, but it is even more terrible for the victims and future victims. »

Claire Bourdille, Children’s Collective

Same story with the MeTooMédia association, which recalls on Instagram that the dissolution of the National Assembly constitutes a “Waste of precious time for victims in the clutches of attackers”.

“We are losing the continuity of the work undertaken with the Secretary of State for gender equality: the 4thAnd In 3 years…

Will this position be maintained in the next government after the second round of the legislative elections on 7 July 2024?

The fight against sexual violence is suffering another serious blow. »


Claire Bourdille also deplores the lack of consideration of children’s rights, not only during the dissolution of the National Assembly but, in general, in the political debate, especially during elections. “The protection of children is something that was not thought about at all during the European elections. Look at the programs and speeches of politicians and candidates, there is never anything, or very little, about childhood to talk about delinquency. But we never talk about the children who are attacked, raped, who die every day. »

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An "annihilation" of children's rights in the event of victory of the RN

Another commission to be abruptly interrupted, the one on the dysfunctions of the ASE. Requested for years, he began his work on April 30th. Asked by PublicationLyes Louffok, founding member of the Supervisory Committee for Foster Children, who actively fought for the creation of this commission, recalls that in just a few weeks it had highlighted numerous shortcomings.

«The first hearings allowed us to hear the magistrates all making the same observation: the infernal pace that does not allow juvenile judges to carry out their mission in good conditions. Court-ordered placement measures that are sometimes only implemented after two years. Victims of incest who cannot be protected. »

Lyes Louffok at Liberation

However, for Lyes Louffok, not only is the end of this commission catastrophic, but the possible entry of the Rassemblement National into government in the event of victory in the legislative elections could definitively stop any progress in terms of children's rights.

“If the National Rally came to Matignon, the child protection policy would be based on national preference and would no longer take care of children of foreign nationality. It would be catastrophic. Concretely, by applying such a policy, we would exit from the International Convention on the Rights of the Child, an international treaty adopted in New York in 1989. (…)

The advent of fascism at the helm of the country would clearly mark the most total annihilation of children's rights in France. I say this seriously, but this is clearly what will happen if it comes to this. »

Lyes Louffok at Liberation

An opinion shared by Claire Bourdille, of the Collectif enfantiste, who is convinced of this “The rise of the far right is very worrying for children's rights. »

“What will be the situation of unaccompanied minors, racialized children or children from an immigrant background? How will we welcome them and take care of them? Children's rights apply to all children, whatever their situation or origin. If we abandon a child, we abandon our humanity. »

Claire Bourdille, Children's Collective

Make children's rights a real issue in legislative elections

So, to prevent the far right from coming to power and the small gains made in children's rights from being destroyed, activists are organizing. Objective: to bring children's rights into public debate and make it a real electoral issue.

The Child Collective has already announced its intention to analyze legislative candidates' agendas as well as their speeches to determine which ones are committed to children's rights. He also plans to send a letter to all candidates and political parties to make children's rights an integral part of the legislative campaign.

Lyes Louffok, him “Don't close the door on a candidacy if a left-wing union is formed”.

While the left-wing parties (LFI, PS, Ecologists and PCF) have just formed a new union for the legislative elections of 30 June and 7 July, all that remains is to hope that children's rights, as well as women's rights, are part integral part of the programs of this new “Popular Front”.

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