“Tough”: Billie Eilish opened up about how she lost all her friends

Billie Eilish said she stopped communicating with her close friends. As the singer admitted, her popularity negatively affected her relationships with friends.

Billie Eilish. Photo: Getty Images

“I suddenly became famous and couldn’t communicate with anyone. This was difficult. “It was really hard,” the artist shared. According to Billy, he fully realized the tragedy of the situation when he was 20 years old. On her birthday, the star looked around the room and noticed that only employees 15 years older than her were with her.

Eilish added on the BBC podcast that the worst thing was when one of them quit and stopped contacting her. Over time, the artist began to relate more easily to the “lost”. Billie revealed that she still has a close friend and is making new friends.

The singer has previously said that he could not get rid of his childhood fear. Additionally, as Eilish grew older, she began to develop other phobias.

Source: People Talk

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