Audrey, a nurse in Switzerland, earns 4,960 euros a month: “I only pay 100 euros a month for groceries and I eat healthy”

How to manage your property when you are both an owner and a tenant? Is it advantageous to be on the border? Here are some of the questions we’ll tackle this week in Reckoning.

Talking about money in France is still a taboo. However, it is a fascinating and in some respects… feminist topic! In our Account Settlement section, people of all kinds come to consult their budget, to talk to us about their financial organization (as a couple or alone) and their relationship with money. Today it was Audrey who agreed to open her accounts for us.

  • First name : Audrey
  • Age : 38 years old
  • Occupation : Nurse in Switzerland
  • Net salary before withholding tax : €5,842.60 or CHF 5,457.50
  • Net salary after withholding tax : €4,959.09 or chf 4,643.20
  • Place of life : Annemasse (Haute-Savoie) and Issy-les-Moulineaux (Hauts-de-Seine)

Audrey’s situation and income

Audrey is 38 years old and works part-time permanent contract (24 hours per week) for two years in a retirement home in Switzerland. Before that, she worked for twelve years as a night nurse in the Paris region.

“Now I earn what I used to work 84 hours a week. Because before, in addition to the permanent contract, I worked in two other hospitals to pay off the big bills (property tax, condominium fees, etc.) that arrived during the holidays. »

This is following a burnout that Audrey has decided to change her life.

“The idea of ​​working abroad came to me, but before starting this journey I wanted to become the owner of a property. A change of scenery allowed me to rediscover a taste for my work. Over the years I have seen the degradation and commercialization of the healthcare industry. And I didn’t sign up for that. »

Today, the young woman divides her time between Paris and Haute-Savoie. He rents a furnished apartment in the city center of Annemasse, on the border, from where he can reach his workplace by scooter or public transport in 30 minutes.

Since 2019 she has also been the owneran apartment of 28 m22 in Issy-les-Moulineauxwhere he returns every two weeks to see family and friends.

Today, during her break in a retirement home in Annemasse, Audrey receives a net monthly salary of €5,842.60. OR €4,959.09 net of income taxes. Which suits him very well.

“I realize that I am very well paid. I wouldn’t say I’m rich, but my situation as a lone border crosser is very comfortable. A Swiss would say that he is poorly paid, this is part of the low salary. But for me it’s more than enough because I combine work and time for myself. »


Audrey’s relationship with money and her financial organization

Audrey grew up in a “poor family” with five children, which has taught him to be careful when it comes to money.

“I saw my mother make my father believe that she had taken out a loan that would be repaid by my father, to avoid us being evicted twice, because he didn’t pay the rent. I saw my mother get her wages garnished for my father’s unpaid fines. With him we never saw the color of money, he often got us into trouble, like spending several months without electricity or hot water.

Despite this, my mother always tried to protect us and give us financial education. Raising five children in a precarious situation was not easy. »

This difficult childhood it shaped Audrey’s relationship with moneynever outdoors, he knows he has to “self-insurance” and rely only on herself.

“This is why I save and invest, and why I prioritize bills over pleasures. »

He also has a well-established routine. As soon as you receive your salary, puts aside at least 2,000 euros a month : €1,000 for the financial budget and €1,000 for the travel budget.

“I always calculate how much I will spend in the month. This way I withdraw what I need in cash using the envelope technique. »

Audrey has also opened a Retirement Savings Plan (PER), life insurance, an LLDS (sustainable and solidarity development booklet) and a booklet A, into which she pays money every month.

“My mother taught me the ant technique because when I was 25 I had 20,000 euros in savings to start life. »

Today the young woman also earns a fairly good living help your mother financially.

Audrey’s expenses

Because she divides her life between Annemasse and Issy-les-Moulineaux, Audrey necessarily incurs significant real estate costs: rent of €750 and repayment of a loan of €678. This is his first expense item.

Audrey only pays the costs of the apartment she owns (in Annemasse they are included in the rent): €51 for electricity and €88 for various subscriptions (Netflix, internet both at home and on your phone).

His two home insurance policies cost him €200 monthly and she pays €80 shipping costss, excluding €250 annual train pass.

«I pay 80 euros for the Paris-Geneva return trip twice a week, but my employer covers half of it. »

Regarding taxes, Audrey is subject to property tax (€514 per year) e house tax (€1,228 per year), which is paid in a lump sum. Smoothed out over the year, these two expenses amount to €145 monthly.

As for bank charges, they are just over €21.

“I'm in healthy diet mode”

To feed herself, in Switzerland and France, Audrey does very well since she only pays... €100 of food spending per month! “It's hard to believe but it's the truth. And I eat healthy! Before, I spent 400 euros a month on groceries and I realized that it was really too much. »

The young girl mainly goes to Leclerc. She explains that she pays so little to eat because in addition to doing so much sport, she is very careful about her nutrition.

“I'm in healthy diet mode. I basically cook for the week and go gluten-free as much as possible.. I look at the price per kilo and take advantage of the promotions. I'm feeling very good, I still buy fish, frozen vegetables, vegetable milk, fresh products..."

To avoid spending too much, Audrey prefers distributor brands “which, moreover, have fewer superfluous additives”.

As for so-called "female" expenses, you estimate that they are €20 per month.

“I've been using the cup for eight years and using period panties for a year. I don't buy makeup anymore, other than an eyeliner or pencil every now and then. »

On the other hand, Audrey visits once a year €400 in aesthetic medicine. This year too she settled down €1,674 for eight Lazeo sessions (Laser hair removal). Smoothed out over the year, these two expenses amount to €172.5 per year.


Audrey's hobbies

Audrey loves to travel: it is in these escapades that she invests most of her leisure budget.

“I often travel alone, so I'm often in backpacker mode and looking for the best travel prices. I'm the queen of cheap travel deals! »

Furthermore, her latest "exhaustion" was to go alone for two days to Berlin and treat herself to a hotel for 400 euros for two nights.

Audrey manages to finance her escapades thanks to a special holiday envelope. Otherwise go out with friends, go to salsa nights and go to restaurants it cost him on average €100 a month.

“I also have a membership to an accessible sports club in Portugal, Spain and Morocco. So even when I travel, I can go to the gym. »

This gym belongs to him €25 per month.

In addition to these leisure expenses, Audrey earns money a monthly donation to the Red Cross (€12) AND another to Doctors Without Borders (€10).

Audrey's savings and future plans

Every month Audrey manages to save around 2,500 euros “because I put the money from my previous salary aside too”.

In addition to helping her mother every month, Audrey plans to use these savings to buy her first car, as she just got her driving license.

“I didn't see the point of being in Paris, but because of Haute-Savoie and its mountainous landscapes it's easier to have a car to explore the surroundings. » He also plans to invest in real estate.

“I'm happy with my daily life, I have time for myself because I only work six months a year and I earn well. Today I travel often and can thrive even more and discover the world. »

Thanks to Audrey for opening her accounts for us!

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