“Few people believed that everything between us was real”: Valeria and Joseph Prigogine celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary

Today singer Valeria and Joseph Prigozhin celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary. In honor of this, each of them posted an archived video on the social network and touched their soul mates.

Valeria and Joseph Prigogine. Photo: Legion-Media

“I am grateful to my dear friend for her love and feminine wisdom,” Joseph wrote. He also encouraged everyone to be happy for themselves.

Valeria turned to her husband: “At that time, few people believed that everything between us was real.” “No matter what, we have each other, we have love in our lives, and this is the greatest happiness,” the singer said.

By the way, not so long ago Valeria spoke openly about her grandson. Let’s also remember that the artist and the producer got married in 2004. The spouses do not have children together. In her marriage with Alexander Shulgin, Valeria had three children – daughter Anna and two sons – Artemy and Arseny. The producer also has three children. In his first marriage to Elena Sokolova, he had a daughter named Danaya and a son named Dmitry; In his second (civil) marriage with Leila Fattakhova, he had a daughter named Elizaveta.

Source: People Talk

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