“Hostel” will be turned into a TV series. Who will play the leading role?

According to Deadline, a TV series will be made based on Eli Roth’s cult horror film “Hostel”. Paul Giamatti will play the lead role. Although the project is still in development, it is already known that it will be a murder thriller and a modern reimagining of the series.

A frame from the movie “Hostel”. Photo: Legion-media

Details of the issue have not been disclosed yet. Eli Roth will direct and write. It was not announced where and when the new “Hostel” would be released.

The original “Hostel” was released in 2005. The horror story follows three students traveling across Europe in search of parties and sexual fun. One day, they learn about the existence of a hostel full of beauties.

Inspired by bold fantasies, they immediately rush there. But in reality it turned out that it was the students who would satisfy the fantasies of the maniacs.

It was previously known that Mike Flanagan would release an adaptation of the classic horror film The Exorcist. Read about it here.

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