Rumors of divorce were spread on purpose: J. Lo and Affleck were exposed in the US

Rumors of divorce were spread on purpose: J. Lo and Affleck were exposed in the US

The reputation of the sweet couple is in danger after this.

For almost a month, there has been active discussion in the press about Ben Affleck’s move from the house he and Jennifer Lopez share – presumably the actors, although they love each other, divorced because they did not get along. But on June 5 it became known why this had all started.

J. Lo’s new album “This Is Me… Now”, as well as the feature film about it “This Is Me… Now: A Love Story”, was very coolly received by the audience, and tickets for the singer’s international tour were sold with sold with great reluctance. It was then that the Atlas star found a way to attract attention – with the help of gossip about the divorce.

PR expert Maya Riaz, speaking to The Mirror, assured that Bennifer decided to spread rumors about troubles in the family so that the public would quickly forget about the failed release and canceled tour of the Latin American artist.

“The divorce rumors surrounding her and Ben were created to distract from the collapse of her career. Distractions in your personal life can sometimes be used as a strategy to divert attention from possible professional failures,” says the specialist.

This conspiracy version is supported by insufficiently considered “evidence” that everything between Lopez and Affleck is really over. So at his son’s school, the actor appeared without a ring on his nameless, as if suggesting that he was now lonely, but after a few days, when he went out into the street, Ben, as if nothing had happened, walked with a ‘ engagement ring’ on his finger.

Photo source: J.Lo/Social Media

Author: Alexey Pletkin

Source: Popcorn News

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