Yulia Peresild appeared in public together with Mikhail Troynik for the first time in a long time

In early April, Yulia Peresild and Mikhail Troynik provoked rumors of separation. Artists, shamelessly showing tender feelings for each other, stopped going out together and showing joint shots on personal blogs.

Mikhail Troynik and Yulia Peresild. Photo: social networks

For almost two months, fans wondered what was happening between the colleagues. No one understood what was the reason for the conflict in the couple. The other day, Yulia and Mikhail finally responded to rumors about their separation, making it clear that everything is fine.

And today Peresild published photos from the birthday celebration of her daughter Maria. In addition to the girl’s friends, her father Alexey Uchitel and Mikhail Troynik came to the celebration. The latter did not leave Julia’s side all evening. The couple was seen dancing a slow dance together.

By the way, Julia not only congratulated Masha personally, but also dedicated a post to her on the social network. The actor called the girl “blonde angel”.

Source: People Talk

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