“Just like in adults”: Roman Kostomarov’s wife told how she told her children about their amputation

Roman Kostomarov has repeatedly noted how much his wife Oksana Domnina supports him. She told Evgenia Medvedeva in the program “BeS Comments” on YouTube how exactly she talked to her children about her husband’s illness.

As the figure skater said, he tried for a long time to choose the situation and circumstances: to gather the children together or inform each of them separately. Everyone around me, including psychologists, said that talking to children is the same as talking to adults.

Roman Kostomarov and Oksana Domnina. Photo: social networks

“I didn’t dare use a word like ‘amputation’ back then. This is very difficult to pronounce. I tried to say it somehow differently: they say that my father needs surgery, his arms and legs will be replaced with super cool modern technologies.

Oksana admitted that it was important for her to explain everything to children intelligibly, because it would be correct: “In a conversation, I drew him a picture. She explained clearly what happened. This is clear for both children and adults.

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