Nyusha revealed the real reasons for her divorce from Igor Sivov: details

In early May, Nyusha and Igor Sivov announced their divorce. And last week it became known that the singer filed for divorce in court. The actor assured that he maintains friendly relations with the businessman for the sake of their common children. Ex-lovers did not talk about the reasons for the separation. However, according to rumors, the family was destroyed by betrayal.

Nyusha. Photo: social networks

Nyusha admitted that she could not name the exact date of the separation. According to the artist, a year and a half before the divorce, they were ready to call it a day. “We tried various experiments, including an open relationship. “We tried different strategies,” the artist explained.

The artist added that no method gave positive results in their case. “We have always had an intimate relationship. There were unconscious attitudes and traumas that needed to be worked on. And they are not always environmentally friendly. It can be unpleasant and painful. Every person has the right to make mistakes. Not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance. I regret that this happened I’m not,” Nyusha shared in an interview with Laura Dzhugelia.

Igor Sivov and Nyusha. Photo: social networks

According to him, it is important not to give up at the first difficulties. But as the singer points out, if you’ve tried many things and they haven’t worked, then you should consider this. The initiative to leave came from Nyusha. “We weren’t moving anywhere together. It is important for me that relationships have a certain shine. “You don’t have to live like you’re on a volcano all the time, but you still have to have those feelings that inspire you and motivate you to act a certain way,” he said.

He admitted that he did not insist on solving some problems in a timely manner, as several people should help each other improve.

Nyusha with the children. Photo: social networks

“I wanted to be good in many ways. And when some uncomfortable moments arose, I did not speak out. The allegations piled up. I could have broken down at some point. There was passive aggression. I worked on this; I tried to say things I don’t like so as not to hurt the other person and to express my own position,” Nyusha said.

Commenting on the betrayal, the star said that he did not want to go into detail about this issue: “We had a situation and everyone drew their own conclusions. This was a huge growth point for both of us. “I don’t see the point in arguing.”

Moreover, Nyusha agreed with the former chosen one’s formulation that there is no betrayal, because no one belongs to each other. “You can’t take a man away. There will always be judgments. Only Igor and I know the whole picture,” the celebrity concluded.

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