In the middle of a concert, this gothic singer gets bitten… by a bat

Taylor Momsen is now vaccinated against rabies and tells us that “the bat is fine.”

This is probably the most WTF news you’ll see this week. In concert in Seville, the singer Taylor Momsen (yes yes, Jenny in Gossip Girl) was bitten by a bat that landed on her leg during the performance. The accident occurred while his band, The Pretty Reckless, was opening for AC/DC, as we learn Expiration.

A tough bat

We couldn’t have imagined it gothic staging more convincing. While Taylor Momsen was performing on stage in Seville on May 29, a bat made an extraordinary entrance, landing on his leg and biting it. “Oh shit, there’s a damn bat hanging off my leg, can someone help me?” »the actress, model and singer shouted into the microphone, as shown in videos of the event:

The situation quickly took hold a chaotic turn. Momsen’s guitarist advised him not to move while a member of the technical team and a photographer tried to dislodge the animal, according to reports. Expiration. In the end, it was with a sheet of paper that the singer finally got rid of the bat. Momsen, still in shock, reassured the public by saying this “the bat is fine.”

After the concert, Taylor Momsen received treatment for rabiesto be taken for two weeks. "Thanks to the hospital team who nicknamed me #batgirl after seeing the story on the news.", he wrote on his social networks.

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