Summer anime premieres: Continuation of Code Geass, The King’s Avatar and other exciting series

Summer anime premieres: Continuation of Code Geass, The King's Avatar and other exciting series

Fans of Japanese animation will not be bored during the holidays.

Fans of shounen, shojo and other popular anime genres received a wonderful gift in the first days of summer: the long-awaited sequel to The King’s Avatar, followed by an impressive action film, as well as three ambitious titles.

In the third season of The King’s Avatar, Ye Xiu faces the toughest test of his life. The champion of the online game “Glory” will have to solve his problems not only in the multiplayer world, but also, which is much more difficult, in real life.

In the action game ‘Baki Hanma vs. Kangan Asur’ we are spared the tired storyline ‘a young talented fighter trains long and hard to defeat the evil and bloodthirsty final boss’. Here we have no antagonist, and the series is shown from the perspective of two good heroes, walking towards each other along the tournament grid.

The long-awaited sequel to Code Geass about brothers Rose and Ash tells about the confrontation between the Neo-British Empire and the resistance group Seven Shining Stars, who try to free Sakuya Sumeragi from captivity.

Netflix’s Rising Putt is a sports drama about a young baseball player who discovers the joys of golf and sets out to conquer the world with a club and ball.

Finally, in ‘Look Back’ we witness the rivalry between two young but very talented artists. Will hostility develop into friendship, or will it become the first sparks of flaring hatred? You will hear it at the end of June.

Photo source: Still from the anime “Code Geass”

Author: Alexey Pletkin

Source: Popcorn News

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