HARRY POTTER actor Tom Felton will star in the sci-fi action film ALTERED

Tom Feltonbest known for playing Draco Malfoy in the film Harry Potter film franchise, will star in the $15 million action/sci-fi film Alterednext to Riccardo Freno (game of Thrones, Barbarian, Mayor of Kingtown), Igor Jijikine (Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull), Aggy Adams (The witcher) AND Lisa Bugulova.

The film is set in an alternate present, where most of the human population has undergone genetic enhancements. Two courageous outcasts, Leon (Felton) and Chloe (Bugulova), are drawn into a battle for justice in a society fractured by genetic disparity and in the grip of corrupt politicians.

The film is directed by the Finnish director Timo Vuorensolabest known for creating the “Iron Sky” series and recently directing “Jeepers Creepers: Reborn” and “97 Minutes,” starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Alec Baldwin.

Vuorensola said of the film: “I wanted to create a film that was both entertaining and left room for enlightening themes. Science fiction has always been a great tool for me to give viewers a vantage point to look at our society from outside the box and see the problems we face from a different perspective.

Altered will be presented at the Cannes Film Festival this year and is expected to be released in early 2025.

via: Variety

by Jessica Fisher
Source: Geek Tyrant

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