How to fall asleep quickly, especially if it is stuffy due to the heat?

When we miss warmth, warmth comes with it and problems such as migraines and insomnia. If you, too, complain about stuffiness, we have carefully put together life hacks that will help you survive the summer heat and fall asleep peacefully.

Don’t open the curtains

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Blackout curtains are an ideal option to keep the room refreshingly cool. They prevent overheating by not allowing light to pass through.

Turn on the fan and air conditioner

Remember that you can catch a cold even in hot weather. Use fans and air conditioning, but close doors to prevent drafts. Windows may be open. As a result, it is useful to fall asleep in a ventilated and light cool room.

Eliminate light sources

Melatonin, the hormone that helps you sleep, is only produced in the dark, so make sure all light sources are off. And yes, try not to be glued to your smartphone for at least an hour before bed because the light from the screen has a refreshing effect.

Choose the right pajamas

Choose products made from light and natural fabrics, as they do not retain heat. However, synthetics will only create a “greenhouse effect”.

Put blankets and pillows in the closet

We are serious: They have no use in the heat. A slight pillow case is sufficient. If you are used to sleeping with clothes, sleep without unnecessary textiles. Avoid the layers, especially because it heats more than a few thin layers. The same applies to carpets and other textiles that protect the heat in the room.

Cool the bed

A helpful life hack is to put bed linens in the freezer for 15-20 minutes. During this time, it will accumulate enough coolness for you to fall asleep.

Avoid heavy protein foods

Meat and other proteins are digested slowly, so the body spends a lot of energy processing the food. The fact is that blood actively flows to the stomach, so the brain seems to slow down and produce less melatonin. So restless sleep.

Take a shower more often

In fact, to lower your body temperature you first need to take a hot shower (but not boiling water) for 5 minutes. This will cause overheating: the body will launch a defense mechanism and begin to actively get rid of heat. And then you need to turn on a cool shower for 15-20 minutes. If you immediately take a cool shower, your brain will send a signal to your body to replace the lost heat.

Apply cold compress

This is very useful, but don’t forget to replace it by soaking it in cold water or wrapping ice cubes in it.

Don’t exercise before bed

Exercise usually helps sleep, but in the summer heat it can have the opposite effect. Exercise raises your body temperature, so you’re just turning from side to side.

Choose the right sleeping position

We don’t recommend sleeping in the fetal position in the summer heat: this will only make you hotter. Although it may sound funny, sleeping in the starfish position will provide relief, especially if the bed space allows it. As a result, sweating decreases in this position and air circulation increases.

Don’t hug in your sleep

Hugging is an ideal way to stay warm, but it increases your body temperature even more in hot weather.

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