Damiano David and Dove Cameron claim to be a stylish celebrity couple: here are their new joint looks

It seems that before our eyes, another couple has appeared, which can soon be called one of the most stylish in the media field. Our fashion department started to follow even more closely the appearance of Italian rock band Måneskin’s frontman Damiano David and his beloved Dove Cameron on stage together. At the end of last year, the couple was spotted together for the first time, and from 2024 they stopped hiding their relationship and started appearing together at major social events. Thus, the duo appeared on the carpet of the Met Gala Costume Institute in May with shocking images that did not go unnoticed by the fashion community.

The other day, the couple decided to please their fans again and come together at the Cam For a Cause Gala. This time Damiano David and Dove Cameron opted for a more restrained look, but no less stylish. For example, the musician wore classic voluminous trousers with a shirt and tie, but softened the formality of the look with a leather jacket. However, her lover appeared in an “airy” dress with small polka dots.

Damiano David and Dove Cameron. Photo: Getty Images

Source: People Talk

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