“This is an insult”: Kim Kardashian’s appearance in a program about actors caused a wave of criticism

Kim Kardashian. Photo: social networks

Reality star Kim Kardashian’s upcoming appearance on the ‘Actors on Actors’ program caused a wave of negativity. She will be accompanied by Oscar-nominated actress Chloë Sevigny.

Actors In the Actors section, professionals discuss their work. Variety has announced the list of celebrities who will appear as the biggest stars of this year’s Emmy season.

Chloe Sevigny. Photo: Getty Images

“This is actually an insult and a slap in the face to Khloe, an actress who loves the arts”, “What experiences does Kim share about acting roles?”, “When did Kim become an actor?” – viewers of the program were indignant.

Previously, Kim Kardashian’s 10-year-old daughter North West was criticized for her role in the musical “The Lion King”, dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the release of the cult cartoon. Haters said he only got the role because of his famous parents.

Source: People Talk

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