‘Too ordinary’: Fans mocked Ben Affleck for a detail of his wardrobe

Ben Affleck. Photo: Legion-media

The 51-year-old Daredevil gave fans something to laugh about. Now he needs to examine himself more carefully in the mirror before going out.

Paparazzi photographed the actor during his shopping trip. She went shopping with her son wearing a mint green button-up shirt, khaki pants and light brown suede shoes. Ben didn’t forget his sunglasses and luxury wristwatch, but he ignored the unzipped trousers.

Internet users even forgot the engagement ring of the actor, who was closely followed after Affleck’s argument with Jennifer Lopez, after seeing the photo in the Daily Mail. “This man is absolutely disgusting”, “He not only forgot to zip up his trousers but also buttoned his shirt”, “He is very careless with his appearance, he is the complete opposite of his wife”, people write on social networks.

We recently wrote that Ben Affleck was very saddened by the rumors of his divorce from Jennifer Lopez… Even his daughter’s graduation could not put a smile on the actor’s face.

Source: People Talk

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