Is Taylor Swift getting married? Travis Kelce gave a clear signal

Taylor Swift. Photo: Getty Images

Taylor Swift fans believe their favorites will be walking down the aisle soon. Her boyfriend, Travis Kelsey, gave them a secret sign.

In the live broadcast together, Jason and Travis Kelsey discussed which Adam Sandler characters they resemble. Taylor Swift’s boyfriend said his brother looks like Robbie Hart from The Wedding Singer. To which Jason responded: “Maybe I would do The Wedding Singer for you.”

Jason and Travis Kelsey. Photo: social networks

At this point Travis laughed out loud. “Is this my imagination or is Travis blushing?” “It’s very funny. Jason knows that we are watching and waiting for clues,” “There is a feeling that everyone knows about the upcoming wedding, everyone is happy, no one wants to keep it a secret, but they decided to keep silent until the official date is announced,” write social network users.

In the movie The Wedding Singer, orchestra soloist Robbie Hart (Adam Sandler) meets waitress Julia (Drew Barrymore). It turned out that each of them was preparing for their own wedding. However, Robbie’s marriage breaks down and Julia asks him to help organize her wedding.

Source: People Talk

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