“Everyone rallied around her”: Kate Middleton is recovering

In March, Kate Middleton announced that she was diagnosed with cancer. It is known how the Princess of Wales feels right now.

Kate Middleton. Photo: Getty Images

According to those around her, Kate Middleton’s condition is much better than at the beginning of her treatment.

“It was a great relief to me that she was tolerating the medication well and feeling much better. It was, of course, a very difficult and worrying time. Everyone rallied around her – William, her parents, her sister and her brother. But in the last weeks of treatment Kate had cancer. “It can be said that it changed the turning point in the fight against him,” says a close friend.

Kate Middleton. Photo: Getty Images

However, it is too early to talk about his final cure and full return to his old life.

“There is no time frame and of course there is no rush. This will happen when Katherine feels ready and gets the green light from her medical team. But he will return to work 100%, there is no doubt about that,” Vanity Fair quotes a member of the royal family’s inner circle.

In January, Kensington Palace announced that the Princess of Wales had undergone abdominal surgery. The real excitement started when the fake photo of Kate Middleton with her children was published. Many theories about his disappearance have appeared on the internet. However, William’s wife later admitted that she was actually suffering from cancer. And it was previously known that Charles III was also diagnosed with cancer.

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