The Senate adopts a text that limits access to assistance for transgender minors

This bill seeks to limit transgender minors’ access to hormone treatments and medical procedures.

180 votes in favour, 136 votes against. HASAfter a long debate, on Tuesday 28 May, the Senate adopted a text aimed at regulating gender transitions before the age of 18, on the initiative of the right-wing party Les Républicains.

A law that prohibits hormone treatments for minors

This bill specifically provides the ban on hormone treatments for minors and rigorous control of prescriptions of “puberty blockers”, molecules that allow the development of secondary sexual characteristics, such as the development of the chest, hair or even the voice, to be suspended.

The text was adopted almost thanks to the votes unanimous of the alliance between Republicans and centrists, majority in the Senate. The left and the Macronist group opposed it. The bill will now have to be sent to the National Assembly to be debated by deputies, but no date has been set.

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Therefore, activists for the rights of transgender people are calling for mobilizationAggressively Trans : “ Start emailing your elected officials, we have time, it's definitely not inevitable. I understand and understand the discouragement and tiredness, we must continue to mobilize “, he wrote on his Instagram account.

This text provokes strong rejection. On Tuesday 28 May several parliamentarians from the left and from the presidential majority had co-signed a published article The new Ob. This has reported to reporting to “ transphobic offensive ". Even before, last April, more than 400 personalities and associations had signed an article published on Publication who reported " dangerous recommendations », of this law text. Near to miss, Anaïs Perrin-Prevelle, director of the OUTrans association, denounced an "attack" on their rights.

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