“The daughter will grow up and not know”: Alexander Petrov talked about the problems of fatherhood

Last year Alexander Petrov married Victoria Antonova. The actor stunned his fans with this news by posting a joint photo with a girl from the registry office on his personal blog. Almost a year after the wedding, the “policeman from Rublyovka” started talking about raising children.

Alexander Petrov. Photo: social networks

“Fathers often miss their daughters and do not contact them for years. Later, this girl grows up and can no longer recognize her father. She no longer understands whether he is a father or not. “The father also does not understand how to talk to his daughter,” said the actor, sharing his observations in his interview with Channel Five.

Alexander Petrov with his wife Victoria. Photo: social networks

According to Petrov, it is very important for the father to remain friends with his daughter, especially during adolescence. The artist suggested that the loss of communication between father and child is fraught with negative consequences. Alexander assumed that the girl would stop sharing her problems with her parent.

Petrov has previously talked about his relationship with his wife. According to the actor, he looked at family life with Victoria differently.

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