“Life is too short”: Victoria Beckham stopped counting calories

Victoria Beckham. Photo: Getty Images

Fashion designer, singer and businesswoman Victoria Beckham told how she learned to accept her appearance. There was a period in the life of celebrities when they could not calmly go to the beach.

Beckham said he no longer cares what people think of him. She adheres to a diet, but does not deny herself unhealthy and tasty foods. “I want to make the most of my natural talents and work hard at it. I’m very disciplined about how I eat, how I train, and how I work out. But I am who I am. I won’t be one of those who say there are too many calories in a glass of wine. Life is short!” said the 50-year-old singer in an interview with Grazia.

Victoria Beckham celebrated her 50th birthday in April. The celebration was held on a large scale; There were 100 people at the indoor event, including Tom Cruise, Eva Longoria, Gordon Ramsay and other stars. A special part of the night was the reunion of the Spice Girls, whose members include Victoria.

Source: People Talk

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